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My group travels to every time zone on the planet. We have meetings, appointments, and conference calls in our busy schedule. We require the most reliable time tool. This app is that perfect tool. Well-constructed and intuitive. I highly recommend this app.

- ronin safehouse

Since moving to another country I wanted a great world clock and have tried several. I have liked others but love this one! I have found it to be reliable, accurate, easy to use and full of features (like colors and the widget and the ability to name clocks) that I enjoy using! Even with the change to an annual subscription it is absolutely worth the (very small) cost for this app. Thanks to the developer for creating a great app!

- rrl98a

Very useful, easy to navigate, great tool when you are abroad. I always use this app. Highly recommended.

- Gikinimo 

Upgraded to the pro version within 5 minutes of download. The best app in this category.

- PramodCosmo

Thank you for the World Clock Time Widget. I can always see what time it is in Singapore where my son and his family live and also in Australia where several of my friends live. Amazing. Thank you.

- Janevew

So my company has grown global exponentially since I started 4 years ago. At the last minute it was decided that I come to Bengaluru, India from the US to do training. Well I still support London, San Francisco, NY, Beijing, Madrid, France, Melbourne! Needless to say my Macbook and Outlook became arch nemesis. I found this app and literally cried. The ability to move time to easily schedule meetings globally probably saved my job and my sanity. Thank you!

- NitaB143

I have family and friends all over the world. This app helps me to keep in touch and ensures I don’t contact them when sleeping! Very reliable and works effectively!

- Toolman2016

This is one of the best and a reliable app that I use every day. Simple, elegant and resourceful. Especially the widget with the color selection, it’s beautiful to look at and precise with its function. Kudos to the team for not only creating such a fine application, but also responding to emails in case of any issues.

- Antony

Very useful widget and easy to use. Have already recommended to quite a few friends and they all love it!

- shyguyrarelygivesreview

Brilliant app!! Beautiful, simple and straightforward… Excellent work guys.

- Rudmini 

The app works great and the time +\- feature is great as well, so I can know what time it will be without needing to do the math. The interface is clean and readable which makes it very useful (instead of trying to do too many different things). The fact that I can see everything in the widget is perfect, the only time I go into the app is to add a time zone. If you communicate with anyone in another part of the world, this is where it’s at.

- ***RussK***

Great app! Helps me to figure out when my international friends are awake or asleep, for chat purposes. I love that I can rename the time zones, and I love being able to reorder them. The look of the app is minimalist and very easy to read.

- AK2237

Simple and effective. Love having easy access as it takes any guesswork out of the equation. Highly recommended for anyone who travels or has to interact with people in another time zone.

- c00

As someone who works with people in different time zones, this app is great. Especially now with the time conversion feature, it got even better. Setting up meetings and knowing people's schedules has never been easier.

- Ladiciuus 

This is the best widget I've found so far. The time converter is fabulous. Super handy when trying to figure out what time is morning back home when I'm +17 hours ahead. Also the developer is very friendly and prompt to answer questions.

- Ahbe

I have clients in multiple countries, spanning many time zones. This is a nice reference for setting meetings and arranging calls that are convenient for everyone.

- AidanCrawford

So helpful - wish I'd found this ages ago. Highly recommended.


Checked out many such apps. Found this to be one of the easiest & quickest to set up & use. List the places YOU want instead of having to search a list. Wouldn't be without it now!! Recommend it!!!

- Tracey Em

I travel often for work and keeping in touch with my brother, mom and girlfriend is very important. Being able to just swipe over the this widget and quickly check the time is crucial in my being able to make time to call home. Very good widget!

- Dead Industry

Simple, critical reference because I have business colleagues around the globe and friends that travel. At your fingertips you know "What time is it there?", which allows me to plan and facilitate effective communication.

- AGWms

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A simple, powerful and customisable world clocks app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

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